I'm a systems designer, devops engineer, web standards advocate, and version control guru. Most of the windows on my screen are black boxes with white text. I've lived most of my professional life in a terminal and/or a web browser since 1998.

I currently work for TDS Telecom. Their opinions are theirs, mine are mine. This page contains my opinions, not theirs. Previous employers have been: state government, a startup, a telecom company, a production house, a nonprofit, and a university.

I can write code productively in Python, Go, or Javascript preferring Python as my choice for a new project. I'm slightly less efficient in Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, or C++, having lost the day-to-day knowledge. Any other language, I can puzzle out and make modifications to existing code, but would take a week or so to get up to speed. Programming is programming, no matter the language. The differences are just idiom.

I can and do install and maintain Linux on the desktop or as a server. I prefer Debian. I've been responsible for installing and maintaining web servers, database servers, email servers, version control repositories, jabber servers, file servers, and continuous integration servers.

I have been creating web pages since 1995, before there were web standards to be concerned with. These days I know the value of good content and code that is kind to search engines and accessibility software, and pages that work even if their behavior is disabled. I've tracked the development of CSS-based design and unobtrusive javascript since their beginnings, and applied them as they evolved.